Finance & Administration

In this team we support Docplanner’s life on a day-to-day basis. Our goal here is to offer financial information, organise the documents’ flow and to make our office the best space to work;-)


Finance & Admin, HR, General Management roles


Finance is a strong team made of people with a high sense of responsibility and organisation. So if you’ve always considered yourself a well organised person with a great passion for numbers - that’s the place for you.


Our Administration team is always here for all Docplanner members. Whether it comes to organising the best integration meetings or taking care of documents' flow. If you feel like being a host - you should become one of us.

People about Docplanner

„The atmosphere in Docplanner is unique. To be honest we all consider ourselves a family that stick together and help each other when needed.”

Iwona - PR Manager

„It’s cool that we are all engaged in activities related not only to work duties, but also in those activities outside our company like painting the wall in The Children’s Memorial Health Institute or taking part in fundraisings like Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.”

Marta - HR Specialist

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