Online medical appointments enables patients to find great, local physicians online and book an appointment. Choosing a specialist has never been more comfortable.

Every month, we help over 4 500 000 patients find an appropriate medical specialist in their neighborhood. On, patients have access to a rapidly growing database of over 1 000 000 specialists, and can then schedule an appointment using the doctor's calendar. The number of physicians and patients using the calendar grows by nearly 100% every month!

Choosing the right physician is made easier by real reviews and opinions posted on the website by the patients themselves. We publish all content-related comments in order to help patients decide on the right physician. We already have nearly 750 000 reviews and opinions!

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Revolutionizing access to great healthcare

Soon, choosing the right doctor and making an appointment will take only a few seconds.

We are working on a solution which will free patients from the burden of manually analyzing other patients’ opinions, comparing prices and schedules, or checking the distance to the doctor’s office before making an appointment. Soon, you'll be able to set your own criteria and we will suggest the best matching specialists. Then, all it takes is a few clicks to book the appointment.

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We are having fun while making access to healthcare easier and faster for everyone!

Our team is carefully balanced with the best specialists in the healthcare market and experts in web development and user experience. The great working atmosphere makes a unique workplace of diverse, driven and enthusiastic members. Bla bla bla.. Like you've never heard that before!

But you're here and this means you are interested to find out what it's like to be in our team. For real. So get in touch! Skype or meet us. You will see for yourself, no BS :) We're hiring all the time.

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